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"I had the immense pleasure to work with Annalisa Rodriguez during her time at Elements Global Services. She was unfailingly positive, dedicated and diligent in all facets of her work. She is an exceptionally talented writer and has a remarkable ability to turn complex and dry topics into meaningful and engaging content — in a world of noise and distraction, Annalisa has a rare talent for honing in on what matters and why. Moreover, she is able to do this quickly and to a high standard. 

Her work often required no more than a cursory look, as she understands the pain points of her target audience and can artfully engage with them. In my two-decade career across three continents, she ranks as one of the best (if not the best) hires I've made and I would recommend her for any content marketing and management role she applies for. 

You shouldn't have any doubts, but if you do please don't hesitate to contact me at or drop a note on LinkedIn."

—Chris Spillane, Senior Director of PR & Comms Strategy at Elements Global Services

"Annalisa is the ultimate combination of journalist-content marketer-editor who excels at research and interviews, works for a deep understanding of her audience, has a knack for authentic storytelling, and is driven by deadlines. She’s versatile in that she can tackle a sales playbook, a social media audit/strategy, a website page, a feature profile — I saw her knock these projects out of the park, and let me tell you, you can trust her with anything. On top of her creative chops, she’s just an absolute joy to have around, and I loved seeing her and working with her every day. She’ll be a creative asset and a wonderful teammate to any organization. I, myself, hope I get to work with her again someday.​"

—Amy Frye, Director of Content Marketing at SMS Assist, L.LC. 


"I had the pleasure of working with Annalisa for several years at Prime Publishing. During that time, I oversaw her work as an editor on one of our top websites. Her work was always top-notch, backed by sound strategy and creative thinking. Annalisa has that wonderful balance of art and science - the ability to use data to move the needle to drive results while also adding a much-needed human element to her work. I could always count on her to come up with creative, out-of-the-box new ideas to test and was always impressed with the energy and enthusiasm she brought to her work. She was a pleasure to collaborate with and any organization would be lucky to have her."

—Rachel Kallison, Email Marketing Manager at Prime Publishing

"I had the pleasure of working with Annalisa for nearly a year at Brady and wish it could have been longer. She is an intelligent, articulate, conscientious professional who asks pertinent questions that drive projects forward. As a marketing content professional, she has an informative, relational style that captures interest and generates business. She brings a strong customer focus that enables her to reach a wide variety of market segments and identify their corresponding business needs. If you're looking for a digital marketing, web content, or social media professional, I highly recommend Annalisa. As a bonus, she's delightful to work with!"

—Christina Famiglietti, Digital Marketing Associate at Brady Corporation

"I absolutely loved working with Annalisa. She was so organized and always had a creative way of bringing content to life. Even more so, she was a great teammate!"

—Taylor Townsend, Communications and Experience Coordinator at SMS Assist, L.L.C.

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