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bringing readers 5 minutes of fun.

Prime Publishing LLC is a group of more than 35 cooking and crafting websites providing readers a space that brings "5 minutes of fun" to their days. As a digital content editor of the largest craft property, I was responsible for full strategy and execution of website, email newsletter and social media content. I optimized site content for SEO; built, A/B tested and scheduled daily newsletters for more than 400,000 subscribers; and created and scheduled daily social media posts. During my time at Prime Publishing, I received great training and experience in content strategy and creation of SEO-optimized content. Editors created editorial calendars and used Google, Moz and other tools to analyze content performance and identify opportunities for new and recycled blog posts and articles. We performed partnership outreach and maintained relationships with bloggers in the crafting community for content sourcing and link building. 

5 minutes of site content

5 minutes of social media

Across all channels, AllFreeCrochet has an audience of more than 700,000 followers. Readers of the site are very engaged and seek a high degree of responsivity. Editors scheduled posts using Buffer, monitored pages daily and interacted with readers by answering questions or replying to comments, and reported on social successes monthly to inform future strategy and recycle content. To come up with fresh ideas for posts, we borrowed from successes of site and email content, conducted reader surveys, asked questions on social accounts and performed social listening, and mined industry publications and online forums for trends. 

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